What I liked and remember most while working with this designer is that she very quickly understood my wishes and vision of what kind of home I wanted. Sometimes it even seemed that she was reading my mind, understood me from half a word and gave very professional advice. She always suggested a few options perfectly matching the level of quality and price, from which I could choose the one most suitable for me. She is very attentive, provides the services very fast and of high quality, and always keeps to the agreed budget.


Since I never had any spare time and more importantly, no desire to go through the shops looking for materials and equipment for the interior of my flat, up to this day my 2 rooms apartment would most likely still be only partially equipped (only the living room and kitchen was done but without proper lighting and only with the most necessary furniture) if it wasn’t for the designer… She saved me! The designer took into account all my wishes and desires and after a few months I had fully equipped bathroom, entrance hall and bedroom with all necessary furniture and wonderful lighting, not to mention the nice interior details: cushions, bed covers, mirrors and etc. I am very happy with the final result. It is indeed much nicer to come back to a cozy home :)


After analyzing flat interiors on the internet and in some magazines, I decided to create the interior of my flat by myself. I felt like flying after having discussed electricity plan, the colors of the walls, and positioning of the tiles with the master. In my thoughts I could already envision my cozy flat. I was so proud of myself.

The first failure appeared when the furniture was put together. Lights were obviously misplaced. I could not understand why the flat was not cozy. When I told my friend of my miseries, she suggested an interior designer.

I had to move electrical wires by cutting the plaster and change some lights. New lighting warmly lit my home highlighting the paintings and furniture. After hanging some spotlights, the figures of the shadows appeared on the walls. I was so grateful to the designer for correcting my mistakes! Practical solutions offered by her helped me to properly arrange my stuff without occupying too much space. I absolutely loved unexpected decisions with mirrors. They visually enlarged the space as well as beautifully reflected some interior details and window overviews. I had no idea what mirrors could do if hung in the right places.


It is difficult not to get lost after coming across with the construction and refurbishment of a flat from an absolute zero. We are happy that the designer has eased up our burden with her suggestions and creative ideas. Her experience was extremely valuable in every stage of the flat refurbishment, and Donatas saved us from making some irrational decisions while designing the cabinets. We had no idea that sometimes every single centimeter matters so much and even the most beautiful and amazing interiors on the magazine pages sometimes hide many compromises.

Justas ir Dovile

The interior of the flat is done in accordance with the newest fashion tendencies. The designer has used a combination of very interesting cold colors. The dominating shades are grey, off-white, and light brown. The flat is thought through to the particulars, every smallest detail has its place. The space is used very rationally. I admired non-standard decisions with the furniture. Being young and modern family, we have chosen the flat because of the interesting and non-standard interior design.